Marelli (trebleclef) wrote,

do you know how lucky we are!

i've been feeling really positive lately. Trying to grab a hold of whats here and treasuring it. I've been extremely high all weekend. Smoked thurs night, twice friday morning, twice friday night and now saturday morning im definately a little bit burnt. Its been a good weekend and its really just starting.

So i figured out that i am going to penn state, haha because well thats my only option. But oh well i really dont mind, penn state was my second choice school anywho. SO i am gettin ready for that i guess. I am starting to think about all the shit i wanna/need to do. I cantwait to go shopping for college. Figuring out my plans for that is exciting.

Mentally and physically i feel healthy. I was a little bit stressed out earlier and broke out with the most painful shit on my back. I read this article that changed my life. I sound like such a crazy person sometimes but i really feel like this article changed my life. Its was about this woman who preposed the question " if i put all my energy towards something that i could be proud of,instead of counting calories and grams of fat, i could have done something that i was seriously proud of." Theres is no case bigger than me where thats true. I got al wrapped up in the whole thing and put so much engery into it that i stopped living. I am soo glad glad glad its over. I am going to seriously put my best foot foward gettin better now. I know i dont want to live this way where i am worried and so self hating. I figure i would work on self tolerance before self acceptance. Its going well. I've been feeelin postive the past couple of days which is good.

The weather is getting nicer now which is really sweet. Last night i walked eve to the cab place and it was totally bareable to be outside again. The city becomes this whole other place when you can walk in it. Ah. everything is sooo good. I am going to college, the spring is slowly creeping up, theres really only posotive things happening around me. Its pleasant to actually feel happy again.Sherman is so happy becuase of this guy and shes like glowing its wonderful. Eve is happy with yassin. Everyone around me has been in high spirits. Haha which reminds me of the one bad thing that happen. Mr G is gone. How sadd...he got swooped up it sucks, but im glad i didnt step on any toes before it happened so theres really no depressing news but its sucks that theres no more dreaming.

I am going dress shopping today whcih i am happy about. I gotta run down to the bank and pick up some cash for dresses and maybe some stuff for europe. Eeeek,life is so good.

Have a fabulous day.
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