Marelli (trebleclef) wrote,

fuck the world

this is so goddamne frustrating. I thought i was going to have at least a decent spring break and well as it always turns out to be a fuckin negative. Jenny is going to Vermont to see David and she wont be back until monday and Eve has basicallly gone into hidding,throwing herself under shit loads of work because now she has to keep her grades up until june. I hate having any type of expectation becuase no one matter it is, its probably wont live up. This was a problem in the begining of the year, where i sit home alone with my fuckin thumb up my ass becuase i dont have enough friends. Two people are not enough. I need people that i can just hang with on a normal day. i cant wait to go to college and start new.

There arent even people i want to chill with, i saw Candy and Alexis yesterday and we had fun and i will prolly chill with aaron another night but it sucks that i am constantly fuckin alone. I hate being alone all the fuckin time. I feel like i have all the time in the fuckin world and no one to spend it with. i feel so damne pathetic.Shit i mean, the next seven days and night doing jack shitt and because i dont have friends, I hate that i moved. this fuckin blows, i dont even wanna go out ne more.
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